Find your Ring Size in seconds

Step 1: Wrap a thin strip of paper around the finger you want to wear the Mettle & Bloom ring on. 

Step 2. Mark the point where the paper overlaps.

Step 3: Straighten the piece of paper over a ruler and read the measurement in mm. 

53mm = size 6 (L)

55mm = size 7 (N)

57.5mm = size 8 (P)


Use a ring you already have and measure its diameter:

Step 1: Place a ring you already have on a ruler

Step 2: Measure the INSIDE diameter of that ring in mm (do this by measuring a straight line through the rings centre).  

16.77mm = size 6 (L)

17.5mm = size 7 (N)

18.3mm = size 8 (P) 

find your ring size

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