How to care for your jewellery at home!

How to care for your jewellery at home!

Our 5 Top Tips for caring for your jewellery at home!

Just like ourselves, our jewellery needs some TLC every now and again to keep it looking its shinny best and the good news is, it doesn’t involve expensive cleansers or sprays. In fact, it couldn’t be easier! We have compiled a list of our Top Tips to help you to maintain your jewellery from the comfort of your couch.  

 We are keeping it brief so, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tip #1: Keep your jewellery in its original packaging!

Removing your jewellery and placing it into its suede pouch will not only protect it from slipping off the bedside locker, getting buried under a magazine and getting sprayed unintentionally with harsh cleaning sprays and perfumes. It will also protect it from harsh lighting and from picking up bits of dust and dirt that we don’t even see straight away! They say that doing something for 14 days straight will make it part of your routine so we challenge you to remove your jewellery at the end of the day and place it into its suede pouch. You will see results, just wait!

Tip #2: Remove your jewellery before bed!

This naturally brings us to our 2nd tip. Our second tip is simply removing your jewellery at the end of the day. Do we have a deal? Again, the 14 day challenge applies here! We all have a bedtime routine. For some of us it involves a ten step skincare routine, for others we remove our makeup with whatever is to hand and, if our skin is lucky, it might get a pampered with a lick of moisturiser. We are adding one more step to whatever routine best describes your routine. You know what it is.

Tip #3: Avoid over-cleaning with harsh chemicals!

Whoever said that cleaning jewellery with the likes of toothpaste has a lot to answer for. Just no. Don’t do it! Does your jewellery need to be cleaned? Yes. Should you clean it in the same way you clean your teeth? Never. If there is one tip you take from this blog post, use a gentle polishing cloth or a clean, soft-brittle brush. Too much scrubbing can make jewellery look battered and worn and, of course, that is not the look we are going for!

Tip #4: Remove your jewellery when you shower, apply tan and swim!

Regardless of the finish of your jewellery, shampoos and conditioners, shower gels and chlorine can damage your jewellery and don’t even get us started on tan. We are offering a simple solution: remove your jewellery before bathing and you have nothing to worry about. Simply rinse your jewellery in clean water every now and again et voilà! You are good to go!

 Tip #5: Wash your jewellery.

Did we save the best tip until last? Maybe. This tip clearly teaches us that less is more. In order to spruce up your jewellery simply run it under lukewarm water, give it a gentle rub with a clean cloth or brush and, most importantly, dry it well. We do not condone letting your jewellery soak and your jewellery will not appreciate it!

There you have it! Five simple steps for you to follow at home to keep your beautiful jewellery looking beautiful!

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