Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our mum’s are superhero’s that seamlessly soar through to-do lists, love and care for us unconditionally, check in with us when we need them most and even manage to put a smile on our faces while simultaneously wiping away our tears. They do all of this day in, day out, and never look for an applause. Except for on one day a year. Sunday 19th March to be precise.

Mother’s Day falls on March 19th this year and it is our time to shine and treat our mum’s like the queens they are and gift them something they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves.

We have compiled a list of pieces of jewellery from Mettle and Bloom that make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Each piece of jewellery tells a unique and inspiring story and enables people to feel connected by consolidating their bond and creating memories that will be worn close to the heart, experiencing all that life has to offer.

At Mettle and Bloom, we believe that giving the gift of jewellery is ‘Embedding Your Presence in the Present’.



The Unity Necklace features two beautiful and elegant chains that are different in texture and design, just like some of the best, most fruitful friendships out there and yet they work. This necklace celebrates the union between two people who are incredibly different but will always find their way back to one another. This piece is also sold in a set called the Amity Set (€134.95). The Amity Set is made up of The Unity Necklace and The Demure Hoop Earrings.

The unity necklace is the perfect Mother's day gift and it's from an Irish business

The Unity Necklace


The Astral Necklace was designed to foster growth and remind us that everything is constantly evolving.  The golden barrel pendant creates a distinctive focal point because it holds a second moving barrel which is embellished in fine, clear stones. This piece is the perfect gift for the anxious worriers among us because by rotating the barrel you are reminded to take deep breaths and practice mindfulness. It is a popular piece for its calming and soothing affects.

Anxiety necklace for practicing mindfulness and reducing the feeling of anxiety


The Allure Necklace is a timeless, classic piece. The full circle pendant is an elegant halo that represents a protective bubble that keeps a dancing diamond safe and secure. It reminds us to dance at every opportunity and surround ourselves with those we love. 

Allure Necklace from Irish jewellery brand with a dancing diamond to remind us to dance and surround ourselves with positivity.


The Identity Necklace is our bestselling necklace for reasons we don’t even need to explain. It is the go-to gift for many because what is more personal than one’s identity? Wearing this statement necklace around your neck and close to your heart is a celebration of self-love and self-care. The identity necklaces have a halo-like frame and feature all of the shades of the divine Atelier palette. The unique gemstones are carefully set in the surrounding frame so that all attention is drawn to your initial.   

The Identity Necklace is a celebration of self-love. The sterling silver initial is surrounded by colourful jewels that catch and play with the light.



The Demure Hoop Earrings are staple pieces that every woman should have in her jewellery box. They are the earrings that suit every occasion and outfit. The hinge clasp makes them both practical and comfortable to wear, while the  unique twist design lends texture and design to the artistic pieces. The twists reflect the light and create shadows as they are worn. The hoops are small and dainty and they are designed to wrap perfectly beneath your ear lobe.

The Demure hoops are staple earrings that make perfect gifts for her


These chunky hinged Gallant Hoop Earrings embrace their curves with style and rhythm. They are an elevated version of the simple gold hoop and they look equally chic on their own and as part of an iconic ear stack.  These Gallant Hoops will elevate any look with effortless opulence.

Gallant hoop earrings have a hinge clasp. They are chunky hoops that make a statement.


The Orbit Hoop Earrings are a celebration of eternity and all things that reign for a lifetime. These earrings wrap fully around the lobe for a stylish look, while the crossed rope design adds texture.  Once they adorn your ear, you won’t want to part ways with them. They are the epitome of day to night style and they are designed to be treasured. Available in silver and gold. 

Gold hoop earrings with a twist rope design that are extremely comfortable to wear



The Adorn Ring pays homage to positivity in the form of bright lights and dazzling colours. This ring is reserved for those who are passionate about style, who love themselves and their flaws and who are determent to nurture their mettle and reach their bloom. It’s a powerhouse ring worn by powerhouse women.

statement piece of jewellery that boasts colour and charisma. The perfect gift.

The Adorn Ring


The Chroma Ring is designed for those who speak with their hands to share their stories and voice their ideas because it’s sterling silver band is paved with colourful, glistening jewels that are guaranteed to catch the eye. Wear it alone, or stack it with a second Chroma Ring or The Aura Ring for a more curated look.

 Colourful ring with a sterling silver band that is paved with colourful, glistening jewels that are guaranteed to catch the eye.

The Chroma Ring



The Celestial Bracelets nestles delicately on your wrist and will accompany you on your adventures. The abstract links and subtle diamonds strike a balance between edgy and sophisticated. It is also sold as part of the Amity Set alongside the Unity Necklace.

The abstract links and subtle diamonds strike a balance between edgy and sophisticated. These links are fixed along a dainty gold chain.

The Celestial Bracelet 

The Debonair Bracelet (€53.95) screams contemporary chic combined with edgy elegance. The bracelet has a unique texture because it rolls and folds, catching and reflecting the light. This piece is available in silver and gold and there is a chain to match. The bracelet and chain are also sold as a set called the Debonair Set (131.95).

The debonair bracelet screams contemporary chic combined with edgy elegance. The bracelet has a unique texture because it rolls and folds, catching and reflecting the light. This piece is available in silver and gold and there is a chain to match.

The Debonair Bracelet 


At Mettle and Bloom we believe in embedding your presence in the present.

Give the Gift of Jewellery. 



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