The Art of Gifting

The Art of Gifting

Can't decide which jewels to gift your loved one?

We are here to help you to pick the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Jewellery is special just like connections and memories. It's personal so a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to cut it. Take our quiz to find the gifts that best match your loved ones personalities and preferences. 


Without further ado... 


What is her dream date destination?

A. A trip into town for some window shopping and people watching

B. The newest cocktail bar in town followed by a three-course meal

C. Early morning hike with the dogs 

D. Curl up by the fire with a takeaway, a bottle of red and a movie 


What's her drink of choice? 

A. French Sauvignon Blanc 

B. Pornstar martini every time 

C. Americano for her caffeine fix 

D. Whatever you're having 


What's her dream holiday?

A. Stay in a cosy chalet on the foot of the slopes in Austria 

B. Luxurious stay in The Maldives

C. Anywhere in Europe with sunshine and delicious food 

D. Wholesome staycation in Ireland 


She's going out. What's her vibe? 

A. She takes the tags off another new dress and she looks fantastic as always

B. Her whole day goes into getting ready and you can tell. She looks a million dollars

C. She's on time and her energy is electric. She goes for neutral tones

D. Jeans and a nice top is her go to and it works every time 


If she was given €100 to do as she pleased what would she do? 

A. She calls the girls and they head out for a bite to eat 

B. She goes straight to the salon and gets her hair and nails done

C. She spends it on someone else and whatever is left goes to buying the essentials like groceries 

D. She puts it away for a rainy day because there is nothing she needs right now


Mostly A's:

She knows what she likes and she won't settle for anything less. She's loved and admired by all and her jewellery will be too. The Traditionalist likes fine, dainty jewellery that she can treasure forever. 

Here are our suggestions


Mostly B's:

She glamorous and she turns heads every time she enters a room. She keep up with trends and knows about the newest must-have accessories ahead of the crowd. The Glam Gal never leaves the house without her hair done and her signature scent.

Here are our suggestions


Mostly C's: 

She's cool, calm, collected and we love her. She is the one everyone is delighted to see walk through the door. She's always on the move but she always makes a conscious effort to keep in touch with her friends. 

Here are our suggestions

Mostly D's: 

She's our no-fuss gal. She has a heart of gold and spends her time checking in with her friends and family and making sure everyone is doing okay. She keeps a low profile and loves nothing more than curling up by the fire on a Friday night with a Chinese takeaway. 

Here are our suggestions



Unboxing has never been more satisfying. 

The sparkling Mettle & Bloom jewels are placed carefully into a luxury suede pouch, with space for two beauties. It is tied with a delicate bow and laid in a pristine Mettle & Bloom drawer box, ready bring a smile to the recipients face.

Get her what she really wants. 

Give the gift of jewellery. 




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