FREE tote bag when you spend €100!

FREE tote bag when you spend €100!
The offer you can't resist!
Spend €100 at Mettle & Bloom to receive a complimentary Made With Mettle tote bag!
The Made With Mettle tote bag was designed with the utmost care for the environment in Galway, Ireland. By combining style, strength and a meaningful message, it came to life!

This tote bag is the epitome of eco-consciousness but beyond its environmental benefits, it is also a chic accessory. Its neutral, earthy tones harmonises with various styles, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


Free tote bag from small irish business when you buy 2 items. Gift ideas for your girlfriend.


The front of the bag proudly displays the definition of "Mettle", serving as a daily reminder of the tenacity and strength that lies within us. Wear this Made With Mettle tote bag with pride, reminding yourself to always make time for your own needs and happiness. 


Shop it for €14.95 or spend €100 at to get the tote bag free. 

*This offer does not apply in conjunction with other offers. 

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