Find Your Ring Size!

Find Your Ring Size!
Not sure of your Ring Size? We’re here to help.
Ring it on!
We have explained two methods to make it even easier- pick whichever one you find easiest!
It’s easy, you just need to get into the ring of it. 

Step 1: Wrap a thin strip of paper around the finger you want to wear the Mettle & Bloom ring on. 

Step 2. Mark the point where the paper overlaps.

Step 3: Straighten the piece of paper over a ruler and read the measurement in mm. 

53mm = size 6 (L)

55mm = size 7 (N)

57.5mm = size 8 (P)

Method 2: 

Step 1: Place a ring you already own on a ruler

Step 2: Measure the INSIDE diameter of that ring in mm (do this by measuring a straight line through the rings centre).  

16.77mm = size 6 (L)

17.5mm = size 7 (N)

18.3mm = size 8 (P)



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